Here is a domain in which the library of the hack artist Whapu stores his lyrics from the past and upcoming future.  In the past when after performing I’ve been told I have a unique voice (note :never pleasant) and it would be wonderful to know what the lyrics were I was singing.  Well, here it is!  You might want to think more clearly next time, preventing your mind being further polluted by my feelings and insights.  For those that know me may note that the songs are not in chronological order.  My life is not in proper order so how can you expect me to keep it the same with my music?  Also life is construed chaos and I just can’t sort that out for you either.

You are more than welcome here and I roll the red carpet for each and every one of you.  I apologize for it’s stained remains but I had a few muddled evenings that created spots that can never be removed…

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